Comments from our Guest

Liz, Bill Buddle, Lakefield Ontario.
Thanks a wonderful spot hope it continues to grow.
Heather & Ned Colfax, CA.
Beautiful cats just adds to the homeiness thanks
Peggy Lymn, Grand Rapids Mich.
Wonderful place and wonderful company.
Frank and Patricia Langile. Dartmouth, NS.
We found you in Doer's & Dreamers but it was your web page that convinced to come. WOW what a place!
It was nice to find the area as described on your site instead of the usual fluff. Can't believe we lived in Dartmouth all our lives and never knew about these beaches. Thanks!
Valarie and Brian Burt, Toronto Ont.
Thanks for the beach walk and the Guiness such a pleasure to stay here we will miss you!!
Volkie Beitre, Hamburg Germany.
Thanks for fixing my bike.
Ricarda Kuwert, Eva RĂ³son, Anjuli De, Freiburg Germany.
Thanks for your hospitality & the delicious seafood!! We enjoyed baking and the evening with you.
Neil and Tric Bowman, Victoria Australia.
One of the best hostels we have ever stayed in and we have stayed in a lot on our travels, most enjoyable.
Stepheson Family, Port Joli NS
Looking to rent the whole place again next Christmas. Happy New Year
David Holmes Blackpool, England.
Relaxed, spacious, friendly.
Joan Lawrence, Bill Pakenas, Bolder Colo.
Wonderful! The cats A+
Nicole Attwater& Klaus Altveta, Germany.
Thanks for the beautiful hostel. Thanks for all the information.
Marion O'Shea + Shaun Cahill, Dublin Ireland.
Thanks Geoff for all your hospitality + kindness. The surroundings make a place beautiful
but it is the people who make it increadible
Lando Perra, Regina SK.
1st time I ever saw cats fetch AWESOME!!
Marion O'Shea + Shaun Cahill, Dublin Ireland.
So good we had to come back again, thanks for leaving the door open into the wee hours
Frank, Singapore
A great place. Thanks you for the hospitality I will need to visit again in the summer!
Tuir Andrink + Vaneesa Cline, Calgary.
Loved it!!Very interesting building and comfortable to boot.
Christine & Victor, Whistler.
THANKS JEFF!!! We loved it there even if the sun never shone.
Victor, Whistler
Two words...GOOD TIMES.
Dulany Wagner, Maryland, USA.
Thanks for all your help. So much fun
Michael Freeman, Mclean, VA.
You guys are awesome.
Maggie Mai and Patrick Shields, Philly Pa.
The facilities are really nice. You are so helpful. thanks so much, will miss you
William Gustafusson, London England
Hillary Chisholm, Wayland, MA. USA.
thanks so mcuh everything was great
Claire Henkel, Philadelphia PA. USA.
Thanks for lending an ear you might have me on track again
Emily Gorman, Balitmore, MD. USA.
Thanks for rescuing us you guys are awesome!!!
Eva Frieden, Germany
I Love it here.
Kate Gasnor, San Fran. USA
This is great, thanks for your hospitality Geoff
William Bregenjolean, San Jaun Capistrano USA.
Better than a five star hotel, should be a six star!
Marshall Jackson, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Very, very neat and clean
Sasha Ganeles, Sudbury Massachusetts, USA!
Cheery service and facilities
Ciaran/Kyla/Petur, Ireland/BC
Glad we found it
Laura McKenna, Calgary, AB
Very friendly, great location
Beverly Baker, Mohhamed Manji, Aya Manji Halifax + Morocco by way of Montreal
A highlight of our vacation
Gabriel Larson & Sayna Archbald, Brooklyn NY.
Beautiful location, fabulous host!We will be back. Thanks!
Marhna Mengel, Halle Germany.
Very nice place to stay, Thanks.
Heather Freamo, Ottawa, Ontario
Feels like home!
Esther, Crefton, BC.
Thanks for the stay! Great place, not like the shineing at all! and the mug...WOW
Sara & Wally TO. Ont.
We will return!!
Stepheson Family, Port Joli NS
Back for another Christmas WOW what a tree and great holiday music. Makes it so much easier when extended families come home for the holidays. Sorry you couldn't make it home to your kids. All the best in the new year Geoff!!
Deanna Anthony, Halifax.
Love this concept, thanks for the great company.
Renko, Monique de Baer, Amsterdam.
We felt right at home, great place thanks!!
Helen Bushby/ Hugh Bourbon.
Melanie and Silve, Trostberg and Lungendort, Germany
Thanks for a nice evening we feel's like at home. Thanks for everything!
Laurence Koss, Maine
We had so much fun being a giant wacky family in this place
"do the hostel"!!!!!
Madonna Arsenault + son Michael O'Rourke
Blessings of deep peace
Dan Hartt, Saint John NB.
Nice bunk beds
Nadine, Maastncht, Holland/ Rocio Buneos Aires, Argentina/ Liza, Maastncht, Holland
Thanx for everything. Great beds, TV, food, BBQ and cool cats
Helen Minnes, Dublin Ireland
Lovely Place Will recommend to others!.
Nice livingroom also and great stero speakers, cheers!
Kristina Schultz, Stockholm, Sweden
Great Place! Will recommend to all Swedes!
Richard Reeve, Devon, UK
Fantastic hostel and people. Best beach in Canada, thanks
Yoav, Tel-Aviv Israel
Bill and Geoff are the best and the most helpful guys ever
Liz Guely, Golden Co. USA
What an oasis-thanks for everything a bed never felt so good.
Rick and Shirley Brittain, Centreville NS
Peacful, clean, and very friendly, We will be back to enjoy the beaches on a finer day
Hal Carey, San Antonio
Thanks a bunch!
Katya, Switzerland
Thanks a million hope I'll return one day.Fell in love with Nova Scotia!
Tara + Lauren Cornish, NTH Queensland, Australia
Great Place thanks, Geoff
Edie Peggy, Inverness BC
Great thanks, will return some day.
Andre Locharve, Upper Tantallon.
Great place, well kept and very clean, to be remembered
David Gerych, Ostrava Czech Republic.
I had the best sleep in this year and by the way Awesome cats!
Shannon Fleet/ Logan Moore Kingston Ontario.
Thank you for the great nights sleep and hiking recommendations!
Love this hostel!!
Mari & Rhiannon, Cymry Wales.
Da Lawn LLE diddorol